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It's not uncommon for mice, rats or other rodents common to the midwest to find their way into our homes. While we appreciate all creatures we understand everything has it's place -- and their place is not in our homes as it can be a severe health risk. We can help you solve and/or prevent your rodent problem. If you have a serious problem, don't wait, contact ProTermite today.

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Need help identifying a pest? Here's some of the most common pests in Omaha:


Ants live in giant colonies that contain  hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of ants. Here are the different types of ants that are commonly found in the Midwest:

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Spiders can be found inside and outside the home. They are not an insect. Normally a nuisance pest, often found in or around the home when other insects (which they prey on) are present.

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We understand that termites are a stubborn infestation, and we are up to the task of tackling the situation no matter how bad.

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Stinging Pests

There are numerous stinging insects in the Midwest. Here are a few of the most commonly found stinging insects in our area:

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Rest assured most pets may occupy the area of treatment after a pest control treatment is complete/dry (typically 1 - 2 hrs)

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The applications and products we use are extremely powerful against pests but are safe for the environment around them

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Pests can lead to A LOT of questions. Luckily for you, we have spent the last 30 years figuring out the answers to pest control questions. If you haven't yet, check out our FAQ's page. If we still haven't answered your question, send us an email or connect with us on social media and we will be happy to answer your question & help you protect your home and your health from pests.

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