There are numerous stinging insects in the Midwest. Here are a few of the most commonly found stinging insects in our area:

Yellow Jackets

DESCRIPTION:3/8" - 5/8" long | Black and yellow in color

ABOUT: Yellow Jackets are very aggressive. They are a social insect that builds nests underground, in voids or in trees. Yellow jackets prey on other insects but also feed on sugars in late summer.

Paper Wasp

DESCRIPTION: 5/8" - 3/4" long | Brown in color with yellow (sometimes black or orange)

ABOUT: Paper Wasps make nests under eaves or in voids. They kill other insects for food. The construction of the nest is a paper like material and is in the shape of an upside down umbrella. They will sting if provoked.

Cicada Killer

DESCRIPTION: 1/2" - 2" long | Red and black with yellow strips (the wings are brownish in color)

ABOUT: Cicada Killers are large wasps that burrow in to the ground. The female stings her prey (a Cicada) the sting paralyzes the cicada. The female takes the cicada to the burrow where eggs are laid on it. They are non-aggressive and rarely sting unless provoked.

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