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Bed Bug Removal & Control Services


Bed bugs are troublesome pests that can be potential risks to your and your family's health. Luckily for you, ProTermite & Pest Control has developed an efficient system to remove them from your home -- and protect it so the problem doesn't happen again. 


Bed Bug Removal & Control

Bed Bugs are among the most troublesome pests. They're small in size, difficult to find & can be a health risk to you and your family. Luckily we have over 30 years of knowledge and experience with removing bed bugs in the Omaha area.

Bed Bug Inspections

Bed Bugs are hard to spot..especially when you don't know what you're looking for. Let a Pest Control Professional Inspect the situation and determine a plan to help you solve your problem.

Local Pest Control Technicians In Omaha Nebraska

We are a family-owned pest control company who has been providing pest control to the Omaha community since 1984. We like this town -- especially when it is pest-free. You can count on us treating your home like it is our own.

Providing Bed Bug Solutions In Omaha For 35 years

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Our Process, What You Can Expect:

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This time of year can be busy and while we do our best to schedule everyone at their preferred time, it is often difficult -- schedule now to ensure we can get you in on your preferred date!

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Family Owned.

Since 1984 - 35+ Years of business in Omaha. You could say we like Omaha -- especially when it's pest-free.

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We Treat You Better.

We treat your home and your problem like it is our own. That's what separates us from other companies.

Pest Control

The applications and products we use are extremely powerful against pests but are safe for the environment around them.

Pet Friendly
Pest Control

You can be rest assured your pet will be safe around your house after a pest control treatment. Once dry, it is 100% safe for your dog or cat.

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WE TREAT YOU BETTER. Professional Termite & Pest Control is a family-owned pest control business that started in Omaha, NE in 1984. We provide termite, rodent and pest control services to the Omaha & surrounding community.

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